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Adjustment structure of Stenter

Apr 28, 2020

The existing width adjustment structure of the stentering machine is composed of a screw nut. When working at high temperature above 200 ℃, the nut is easily deformed, resulting in
the nut is stuck and cannot be used. At the same time, the nut often needs to be oiled, and the maintenance is also very troublesome. In addition, at high temperatures, the support for the tenter roll
is also easy to be deformed, causing the tenter rolls to not move straight.Now we use Dingqing nuts without oiling, and will not be stuck due to deformation, in addition,
frame-shaped guides have also been added to ensure that the tenter rolls go straight.We use a simple and compact structure, easy installation and disassembly, operation
stable, reliable and durable adjustment device suitable for adjusting the door width on the tenter setting machine, which is provided with a universal on the shaft of the motor reducer
The coupling is provided with a sprocket at one end of the universal coupling. The sprocket is connected to the rotary encoder through a chain. There is no short shaft at the lower end of the universal coupling.
A sealing plate is provided at the outer end of the short shaft, and the short shaft is connected to the universal joint at the upper end of the vertical shaft through a Huff joint, and the vertical shaft is set in the amplitude modulation path body.
A bevel gear is provided on the vertical shaft, and the bevel gear meshes with the bevel gear on the left AM screw in the AM box, and the left AM screw passes through the huff
The joint is connected to the right amplitude modulation screw of the support seat provided on the crossbeam. The other end of the right amplitude modulation screw is fixed on the crossbeam through the mounting seat.
 There is a cloth stop rod on the slide seat, the cloth stop rod passes through the slide groove on the slide seat, the cross beam at the right end of the left amplitude modulation screw is provided with a slide seat, and an amplitude modulation is provided on the slide seat
Nut and mandrel.