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An Effective Way to Improve the Using Performance of Tentering Machine

Mar 23, 2018

After the use of stenter equipment, not only can improve the production efficiency of the textile industry, but also conducive to comprehensively improve the overall quality of the product. Therefore, the performance of the stenter equipment is very important for the user. Next, we mainly share some measures for improving the performance of its use.


First of all, we need to be skilled in mastering the operating procedures for stenter machines, and at the same time we must strengthen routine maintenance. For example, all the expansion devices are maintained once a day during the interval of operation, which is the basic way to ensure the effective operation of the bracket system.


Secondly, in the working space of the stenter equipment, the staff should clear the floc in the filtering room of the drying room in time, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of hot air conduction. In use, the cold air device and the cooling water circulation system should be opened in time, which can effectively reduce the surface temperature of the finished product and reduce the crease of the fabric. In addition, it is also necessary to replace the damaged needle plate with the work gap in time, which is advantageous in reducing the number of edges on the cloth.


Third, in the process of stereotyped processing, the static elimination system should be turned on to provide favorable conditions for the stable swinging and packaging of finished polyester fabrics. If the stenter machine equipment is in the process of setting the fabric, there are often abnormal problems such as tearing of the fabric edge, unevenness of the surface of the fabric after shaping, and insufficient stability of the width of the web. Be sure to check the widening devices in each room in a timely manner. .


In addition to these requirements, during the operation of the tenter setting machine, the state of the adjustment handle of the hot air circulation direction needs to be adjusted in time when the variety is changed. In short, in the process of operating stenter equipment, timely and effective measures must be taken to control the production situation so that it can maintain good operating conditions.http://www.haida-textile.com/