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Analysis on the Cause of Running Edge of Stenter Forming Machine

Sep 06, 2017

In the use of tenter setting machine for finishing production and processing time, there may be a problem, although this problem does not occur often, but its impact is more serious. Such as may lead to edge stains, or in the fabric above the formation of some difficult to correct the fold.

The reason for the formation of some stains, mainly because of the use of tenter stereotypes in the process of shaping the cloth appeared after the run, and then contaminated with the guide roll flanking grease, stains, and thus the formation of stains. The fold is mainly because the fabric is not smooth enough, so after rolling through the press roller, the formation of difficult to restore the wrinkles.

So, from here we can understand that these problems are more difficult to deal with, that is likely to cause great economic losses. So, in the future work, we should try to avoid such problems as much as possible. So, the stenter styling machine during the stereotypes, why should there be running problems?


Combined with the actual production situation to analyze the words, in fact, there are many factors that cause this situation. For example, during the run of the tenter styling machine, the cloth to be processed is not neatly stacked in the stacker, and the staff at the scene did not make a timely adjustment, so the run edge.

There is also a situation in the tenter stereotypes during the operation, the stereotypes of the fabric itself has a bad edge of the situation, and the staff did not find and remedy, so that run in the edge of the edge.

In addition, there is a factor that needs to be considered, that is, during the period of the tenter setting machine, where the edge detector exists in a serious left and right rocking problem, or to change the width of the door more than a certain limit, There is a problem with the pinch pin.