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Application fields of waste heat recovery

Mar 21, 2020

Application fields of waste heat recovery equipment are setting machines and coating machines in the textile printing and dyeing industry.

Heat setting machine or coating machine uses high-temperature air to dry and finish the textile to shape the product. Generally, the temperature of the air required for production in the heat setting machine is about 200 degrees, and at the same time, fresh air is continuously introduced and exhausted foul gas is discharged. In order to successfully produce heat setting machines, it is necessary to use a fan to continuously introduce fresh air and exhaust a part of the exhaust gas, and the temperature of the exhaust gas can generally reach about 140 to 180 degrees. This part of the exhaust gas is directly discharged into the atmosphere, which wastes energy and pollutes the environment.

The exhaust waste heat recovery device is to extract the energy of the exhaust gas discharged from the heat setting machine to heat the fresh air intake temperature required by the setting machine, so as to reduce the exhaust temperature and save the energy of the heat setting machine.