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Application Market and Basic Structure of Ribbon Pre-shrinking Machine

Mar 16, 2018

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, not only the requirements for clothing are getting higher and higher, but also the requirements for the webbing are the same. Therefore, webbing after pre-shrinking is used more and more widely, such as zipper tape, Garment belts, seat belts, cap belts, shoelaces, bags, backpacks, etc.


Since fabric shrinking machines have become very popular, are webbing shrinking machines the same? Of course, it is also under certain temperature conditions, the use of mechanical and physical methods to pre-adjust the shrinkage of the webbing and ironing, so that the density of the webbing is pre-shrink to reduce or avoid shrinkage of the webbing in the flooding or use process to ensure that the fabric Synchronize with webbing shrink.


The webbing preshrinking machine mainly has multiple functions such as pre-shrinking, ironing and shaping, and arranging bending belts; the webbing has obvious changes after pre-shrinking, not only does its opening degree become much larger, but also the color of the webbing gradually becomes clearer. Even the touch feels softer.


These changes must benefit from the webbing preshrinking machine, a machine composed of a feeding belt section, a pre-shrinking section, a heating section, a cooling section, a grinding belt section, a take-up section, etc. It can also be used differently according to different requirements. The heating method, such as electric heating, steam heating, oil heating and so on.


The operation is the same as the cloth shrinking machine. When the webbing gradually enters the webbing preshrinking machine, it will be pre-shrinked by the preheating and heating parts, and then it will be cooled, milled, and then come out of the machine. Thus, the desired webbing can be obtained.http://www.haida-textile.com