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Application of finishing operation technology of stenter setting machine

Oct 24, 2020

The stenter setting machine is highly usable. It is a combination of multiple link units that pass through the link, and the drive link has one end of the upper and lower flanges of the pin hole chain, and is arranged on the deep groove ball bearing and the upper and lower sides, the upper part and The lower dust cap is arranged between the chain links, and the outer surfaces of the top and bottom rings are provided with cylindrical protrusions, and the cylindrical boss of the upper dust cap is provided with holes for oblique lubrication, and the end lubrication holes are connected with Corresponding to deep groove ball bearings. In addition, the upper and lower flanges are provided with holes for chain pins in new shapes. The chain includes oil-free bearings and the holes are arranged concentrically. The free oil of the sleeve bearing is shrouded on the axis of the pin. The upper end of the pin shaft A card slot is provided, a threaded hole is provided in the center of the upper flange, and a pressure plate is arranged.