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Automatic Shrink Machine

Jun 19, 2017

Automatic shrink machine, automatic unmanned operation, just put the products on the feed conveyor belt, through the photoelectric induction, automatic transmission-sealing-conveying the whole process, shrink furnace using stainless steel heaters, high-power motor wind. This machine can also be connected with the factory production line. The realization of unmanned production, applicable to software, biscuits, printing, pharmaceutical and flooring, ceramics, beverages, and other industries PVC, POF, pp, PE film sealing and cutting and shrink packaging.

The shrink packaging machine uses far infrared radiation directly heating a variety of specifications film, the product through the conveyor belt to the contraction furnace, the product installed on the Shrink packaging film, sealing into the shrink packaging machine, product automatic contraction. Heat Shrink packaging machine power consumption is small, the average hourly power consumption is only 2.1KW, to achieve the perfect shrink packaging effect, never affect the packaging, electronic stepless speed, solid state voltage regulator temperature control, stable and reliable, applied to food, beverages, candy, cultural supplies, hardware tools, daily necessities, Chemical products, such as shrink packaging.