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Basic structure of stenter setting machine

Sep 30, 2020

The setting machine is mainly composed of five parts, including the feeding part, weft trimmer, chain, oven body and cloth doffing and rolling device. 1. Feeding part. The structure is relatively simple. It consists of a trough and a roller. The cloth enters the trough with chemical materials, and then the excess chemical materials are squeezed clean by the rollers. Therefore, the chemical material carried by the cloth is very uniform, which is a prerequisite for obtaining high-quality shaped cloth. 2. Weft trimmer. 3. The chain part. The tentering of the cloth on the setting machine is produced by the chain. 4. Oven body. The setting machine has eight groups of ovens. The air is continuously sprayed on the cloth surface from the fine holes on the star-shaped jet frame under the blowing action of the circulating fan. There are many thin fins that can produce efficient heat exchange.