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Classification of Preshrinking Machine

Mar 20, 2020

Woolen blanket shrinking machine. The uniformly humidified and short-distance full-width fabric is hot-pressed against the small-diameter cloth-feeding roller by the electric hot shoe, and the stretched surface of the 4-18mm thick felt enters the large drying cylinder. Deformation shrinks back. Finally, it is dried by a cloth drying device to improve the stability of the preshrinking effect. After this finishing, the shrinkage of the fabric can generally be reduced to 1%.

Rubber blanket type shrinking machine. Heat-resistant and abrasion-resistant rubber blankets with thicknesses of 25.4mm, 50mm, and 67mm are available. The thicker ones have better preshrinking effect. When the rubber blanket enters the feed point of the cloth roll and the pressure roller heated by steam, It is thinned and stretched by the pressure of the cloth feed roller, but it shrinks again after leaving this rolling point. When the uniformly humidified fabric enters between the rubber blanket and the pressure roller, it shrinks as the rubber blanket recovers and shrinks. Finally, it is dried by a blanket drying device to improve the stability of the preshrinking effect. 2.fabric spon-ging and shrinking machine The seam material is humidified, vibrated and baked, the tissue density increases, the surface is fluffy, and the size is stable and the appearance is rich after the garment is made. Pre-shrinking machine is a necessary pre-processing equipment for processing high-end clothing, especially clothing with large sewing shrinkage.