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Commonly used stenter equipment

Feb 28, 2021

Commonly used stenter equipment has two kinds of clip stenter and needle plate stenter. The cloth clip stenter consists of a number of cloth clips with a length of about 10 cm connected to form an articulated clip chain, which is placed on the left and right rails, and each circulates along the rails. The distance between the left and right tracks can be adjusted in sections, and the distance between one end of the cloth inlet is relatively short, and the distance will gradually increase in the future, which can stretch the fabric to the required width. When the fabric enters the stenter frame, the two sides are clamped by the cloth clip and move forward with the cloth clip. When the fabric is out of the machine, the cloth clip opens and the two sides separate. During the tentering process, the fabric is gradually dried by hot air. The needle plate stenter uses the needle plate instead of the cloth clip, and its mechanical structure is similar to the cloth clip stenter. During the tentering process, both sides of the fabric are fixed to the needle board. The front end of the needle plate tenter can be equipped with an overfeeding device. The entry speed of the fabric is slightly higher than the forward speed of the needle plate to form an overfeed, which makes the fabric shrink more in the warp direction during the tentering process to reduce the warp direction of the product Shrinkage rate.