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Comprehensive textile stenter machines introduction

Oct 27, 2018

The main components of the textile stenter machines include: loading part, weft feeder, chain, oven body and falling cloth device. The setting machine is fed into the machine by the flat stripping device. The machine automatically attaches the two ends of the cloth to the needle board. The two ends of the needle board enter the oven with the mechanical running cloth. The oven is heated by electric, and the fan blows through the continuous. Several constant temperature ovens in different temperature sections.


Then, after passing through the cooler to remove static electricity, the swing falls into the cloth, thereby obtaining a crisp, beautiful cloth. Usually in the process of processing textiles, the inlet frame and width limiter of the textile stenter machines can help the cloth guide to unfold and correct the cloth, and can choose high and low pull-in cloth; spreader and edge tracking The device is responsible for the unfolding and edge tracking function of the front edge of the upper needle; the needle clamp chain and the track convey the cloth by the needle plate or the splint into the oven for drying.


The exhaust system of the textile stenter machines is composed of a row of windmills, a duct, an inlet and an exhaust damper, and the exhaust air is optimally designed, the hot air circulation bellows, the hot air circulation windmill, the heat exchanger, and the drying Dry or shaped cloth, etc.http://www.haida-textile.com/