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Control system function of stenter

Feb 18, 2019

Modern industry plays an increasingly important role. After weaving polyester fabrics, heat setting work is usually carried out to obtain a stable shape and improve stress. The tenter setting machine is a device specially used for molding fabrics. The computer control system of the ester network is a set of temperature control voltage control frequency control communication, that is to say, the bottom of the machine collects scattered data to display the monitoring, and the operator can operate the field device on the host computer to observe the alarm processing such as the trend.


The AC speed control system is used to execute the high-speed speed regulation of four AC motors of the stenter. The inverters can be selected in various control modes. The user selects the flow control vector control technology without speed sensor, which makes the system easy to install and has high control precision. The protocol is used to connect all the inverters through communication, the synchronous control of stretching is performed to control the synchronous motor, and the traditional control algorithm is adopted. The high-speed counting module is used to calculate the tensile displacement error, and according to the rotational speed of the motor under the error processing, the voltage control module uses a control strategy to solve the system voltage control problem.


The monitoring system of the stenter is developed using the configuration software. The field device can operate without errors on the host computer, and can retain the field data for understanding. In order to operate intuitively in the field, it is equipped with a touch terminal device, and the touch terminal is mainly PLC communication, real-time reflection of the scene, and achieved good results.www.haida-textile.com