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Correct operation modes to the cloth feeding link of the shrinking machine

Oct 08, 2017

When the shrinking machine begins processing the cloth, the first step is the cloth feeding. In fact, the ways of cloth feeding will also affect the processing effect of the shrinking machine. How to feed cloth can meet the requirements of the shrinking machine and lay a good foundation of achieving the ideal shrinking effect´╝č

Before cloth feeding, we must check whether the seam between the cloth is intact. And we do not allow any form of knotting, because the knotting will damage the shrink paper, felt, even make the shrinking machine broken. It will not only make the shrinking effect not be reached, but also bring serious loss to the user.


During the cloth feeding, if the cloth has a smaller offset, it can be corrected by the medium device. At the same time, adjust the width of the main tentering and switch the cloth detector on the shrinking to optical or mechanical. When the edge of the cloth is uneven, frayed or the reflection is too weak, the edge of the cloth should be detected by mechanical means.

When the cloth enters the preshrinking section of the shrinking machine, the shrink paper is opened all first, so that the cloth can be fed smoothly. And the reduced paper determines the point of the cloth to be sent to the woollen blanket. Generally, the tighter the cloth enters the steam roll is, the smaller the bending is. Of course it is determined by the type, speed, width of the cloth.

Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to minimize the tension of the tension roller in the shrinking machine. Because thickness of the cloth edge and the middle is different, the cloth can enter into the woollen blanket without friction after increasing the tension. There is a balance tension roller between the first woollen blanket and the second woollen blanket. And when the tension of the cloth is not the same, the pressure will increase. Then the cloth flat enters the second woollen blanket shrinking plainly.

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