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Correctly understand the type, shrinkage and steam source of the fabric shrinking machine

Mar 26, 2018

Some people think that the effects of large and small fabric shrinking machines are the same. In fact, the pre-shrinking machine's pre-shrinking effect is closely related to the length of the work area, temperature, humidity, and the speed of walking. The longer the fabric goes through the work area, the higher the shrinkage rate; the faster the equipment, the worse the shrinkage rate, so the large shrinking machine and the small shrinking machine are totally different in the shrinkage rate.


Fabric shrinking machine can usually be divided into four types: large, medium, small, and miniature. Miniature refers to a 3.8-meter machine. When the specifications are different, their working ability is also different. Therefore, when they are applied, they must be based on actual requirements and Select a reasonable matching shrinking machine to ensure its effectiveness.


Some people also think that advanced fabric shrinking machines should achieve 100% shrinkage, which is also a misunderstanding. It is impossible to completely eliminate the shrinkage rate before clothing in the actual work process, so even an advanced shrinking machine cannot achieve 100% shrinkage.


It is also clear that the pre-shrinker pressure steam is generated by the boiler, not the role of a steam generator. The boiler belongs to the pressure vessel and is a special equipment. To accept the supervision of the local boiler inspection department, installation requires a qualification certificate.


The normal use of preshrinking machines requires not only steam, but steam with certain pressure. The steam pressure should be 0.5-0.7Mpa. If the steam pressure cannot be achieved, the shrinkage effect of the shrinking machine will be affected. influences.http://www.haida-textile.com/