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Design of Tension Tension Control System for thermo fixing machine

Dec 30, 2018

In a thermo fixing machine, the tension tension control system is based on plc as the control center, and the longitudinal tension of the heat setting machine is adjusted by the servo system, the tension control of the process is satisfied, and the front and rear stretching is realized. Synchronization of the motor. The actual application proves that the system has high control precision and performance.


We know that the thermo fixing machine is a device dedicated to heat setting fabrics. That is, under the action of the specified hot air, the specified lateral tension and the longitudinal tension, the fabric is shaped, so that the polymerase molecules of the fabric are in a high elastic state, and the stress is eliminated to reach a stable state. In fact, during the operation of the machine, the tension control is very important.


This is because the longitudinal tension of the fabric can be guaranteed within the specified range only when the tension control system is properly used, so as to achieve the purpose of shaping the fabric. The tension control of the thermo fixing machine includes a longitudinal stretching tension and a transverse stretching tension. The longitudinal tensile tension control system is based on plc as the control core, and the servo motor is the tension control system of the actuator.www.haida-textile.com