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Detailed description of the advantages of stenter

Jan 17, 2019

The tenter setting machine is the key equipment for finishing after dyeing and finishing, and has a significant impact on the quality of the fabric. Especially with the development of textile printing and dyeing process, the continuous introduction of various new fabrics, the fabric from the grey fabric to the finished product must pass the high-quality tenter shape to meet the characteristics of the fabric finished with good scratch, drapability and good hand feeling. A high-quality stenter is required to meet the process requirements.


In order to better meet the market demand, we constantly digest and absorb more new technologies when we manufacture and manufacture the stenter equipment, and continuously deepen the improvement and improve the applicability of the products. Therefore, the production of the setting machine has a wide range of adaptation, and secondly, in practical applications, the temperature in the drying room is uniform, and the temperature difference between the left and right is within 2 ° C; and because the air blowing and circulation are uniform in the drying room, the circulating fan can also be arranged on one side. Instead of cross-aligning, this saves space on the device.


In addition, the operation of such tenter setting machine is also more convenient, the whole machine has high thermal efficiency, good sealing performance, short time from normal temperature to process temperature; no pollution in the drying room. Environmental protection and energy saving are also excellent.www.haida-textile.com