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Different Control Schemes for Stenter Forming Machine

Sep 13, 2017

First, in the process of stereotypes, if the users want to prevent hook yarn and weft control, the tenter shaping machine equipment into the cloth in the roll weft and other yarn, oven wind must be properly controlled, which will avoid the cloth in the bellows to blow fan. If there is a label paper, then it is likely to produce hook yarn and weft shift problems, so the equipment should take preventive measures during the operation.


Second, if the cloth is not enough wet, it will cause the problem of fish scales wrinkles in the process of shaping the fabric processing.

The third question is how to control the stereotypes during the run of the Stenter Molding Machine. The steps are as follows:

1. check the mercerizing fall; 

2.find out some processing in the same situation; 

3. test the fabric quickly;

4.according to its post-process requirements to determine whether add or cut the width.

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