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Different types of clothing materials are suitable for methods of different shrinking machines

Jan 03, 2018

Because in the process of production of clothing materials after spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and other physical and chemical processing, have strong institutions in each working procedure are prone to cause fabric weft tension to scaling, warp elongation of the unstable state, make the fabric within all kinds of stress and residual deformation.In order to guarantee the form stability of the finished products, it is necessary to pre-contract the fabric, fabric and other materials used in garment products before the production is put into production, and the shrinking machine can be used.

There are two types of shrinking machines in the market, which are suitable for preshrinking of pure cotton, chemical fiber, blended fabric and woolen cloth.After preshrunk, the shrinkage of fabric is reduced, and the hand feels soft.What are some of the preshrink methods used for preshrinking fabric?

One kind is wet preshrunk, suitable for the natural fibrous fabrics that absorb wet sex big, the cloth USES clear water to soak a certain time, spread flat to dry.The specific length of the long myopic material and the shrinkage rate are determined, usually for a few hours.However, some of the auxiliary materials with large shrinkage are also needed for wet preshrinking, which can be used in combination with shrinking machine.

The other one is heat preshrunk,this method is suitable for poor hygroscopicity of synthetic fiber fabric, when flooding because of fiber itself not bibulous, inner various stress and residual deformation of fabric is not eliminated, can not reach the purpose of preshrinking materials such as fabric.

In addition to that, there's a kind of steam preshrinking,It is under the action of two mediums of wet and hot, the various stresses and residual deformations that exist inside the fabric are eliminated and the fabric is fully contracted.This method has better preshrinking effect, which is suitable for high quality clothing materials, and also for the small shrinkage.http://www.haida-textile.com/