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Discussing the use plan waste gas heat recovery of the thermo fixing machine

Oct 11, 2017

It should be known that in the actual operation of the thermo fixing machine, it can significantly improve the performance and quality of the fabric. But there are also some problems. One of the outstanding issues is the loss of heat. We will discuss this issue for you to introduce the knowledge about the waste heat recovery and utilization of the thermo fixing machine.

For example, when we choose the waste heat recovery plan for the thermo fixing machine, we choose the decentralized installation technology. This is to set a waste heat recovery device in the nearest position of the exhaust gas outlet, and to isolate the waste heat recovery unit so that it forms an exothermic zone and an endothermic zone. In the endothermic region, the temperature above 160 ℃ will be reduced to about 110 ℃ under the effect of the waste heat recovery device.


In this process, the heat generated by the thermo fixing machine will be absorbed by the heat exchanger, which is the process of heat absorption, and the heat absorbed by the heat exchanger will transfer the heat to the other end of the heat transfer element under the influence of the medium of the heat transfer element. In the heat release area, because the temperature of the heat transfer element is relatively high, the heat pipe will release a part of the heat.

In summary, in fact, under the role of the heat recovery device, the heat generated by the thermo fixing machine can be re - absorbed and reused. These heat will return to the oven to continue heating, so as to achieve the purpose of waste heat recovery and utilization. It should be noted that in order to ensure the efficiency of heat recovery, the clean-up work should be done in the daily work.

In short, in the actual production, when the thermo fixing machine is equipped with the appropriate heat recovery device, the exhaust gas can be used again. In this way, the economic benefits can be significantly improved, and good social and environmental benefits will also be created.

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