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Finishing and finishing of knitted fabrics by pre-shrinking machine

The knitted fabric is crocheted by the coils. After the yarn is subjected to pre-treatment, dyeing, water washing and the like, the coil is radially elongated and the shrinkage dimension is shortened. If it is directly finished with a loose dryer, although part of the deformation is restored, some internal stress remains in the interior of the fabric. When the knitted fabric is wetted again, the length of the fibers and the yarn (line) is shortened due to the relaxation in the inner portion, and the fabric is shrunk.


The pre-shrinking machine has unique requirements and has become an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly finishing equipment. It solves the old-fashioned blanket fixing process and is difficult to achieve the effective purpose of pre-shrinking. It can only be used as a stereotype processing; and it is treated with a damped pre-shrinking machine. Softness and fullness are difficult to achieve the problems of high-end underwear requirements, etc., thereby improving the dimensional stability of the knitted fabric, the flatness of the cloth surface, and the residual shrinkage rate is low.


The quality of the products obtained by the pre-shrinking machine is stable, the product grade and the product rate are improved, and the enterprise has increased the market competitiveness. It is the best ideal finishing equipment in the knitting industry. The pre-shrinking machine is suitable for pre-shrinking and finishing of flat cotton, chemical fiber, blended fabric and knitted fabric. The fabrics that have been finished by the machine are stable in size, the cloth surface is flat, and the residual shrinkage rate is low.http://haida-textile.com/