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Focus on the impact of the shrinking machine on the color of the product and its working status

The shrinking machine plays an important role in the finishing process of the knitted products, and also has a wide range of applications. Especially as people continue to pursue product quality and product categories, the scope of use of the shrinking machine will become more and more. Wide, demand will also be higher and higher.


In the production process, whether it is on the gloss of the fabric, the high flatness or the higher shrinkage requirements, it is necessary to use a shrinking machine. However, due to the characteristics of the shrinking machine, the color of the fabric in the pre-shrinking process also has a certain change, so it is very important to find the change rule of the impact of the shrinking machine on the color.


In addition to grasping the changes in the effect of the shrinking machine on the color, it is also necessary to strengthen the attention and maintenance of the device itself. Because it widely uses a slip motor and a thyristor speed governing device to complete multi-unit synchronous drag, it's Each site must ensure good working conditions so as not to affect production.


At the same time, the tension of the preshrinking machine must be controlled. In the speed control system, the lifting and lowering of the weight is adjusted according to the tension of each unit, so that the pre-shrinking machine can work normally, and the fabric can achieve the desired pre-shrinkage effect and meet the requirements. Further processing requirements.