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Fully understand the three functions of the shrinking machine

Nov 21, 2018

The shrinking machine is a fabric processing machine that pre-adjusts the shrinkage rate of the webbing and performs ironing setting under a certain temperature condition, so that the density of the webbing is pre-shrinked to reduce or avoid the weaving of the webbing or the use process. A contraction occurs.


In the operation process, the shrinking machine has three significant functions. On the one hand, in order to make the untreated fabric soft, and through the adjustment of the yarn inclination, the sewing fabric is reduced according to the original cloth size, and the fabric is sewn. The shrinkage caused by ironing. On the other hand, the shrinking machine can prevent the size change or deformation of the made clothes, so that you can avoid the problem of stretching and shrinking of the cloth produced during the manufacturing process before designing the clothes.


On the other hand, after the shrinking machine is processed, the size of the cloth is stable, the hand feel is very good, and it is not easy to shrink when it is re-polished. This treatment makes the quality of the product better and the added value is increased. After pre-shrinking,the shrinkage rate of the warp direction will be improved and the feel of the fabric will become softer. But one thing that needs to be reminded is that after shrinking, the shrinkage rate will be qualified.