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Function of pre shrinking machine and repair of parts rubber blanket

Apr 26, 2018

The shrinking machine is a kind of shrink machine, and it is also a necessary machine for modern CAD and CAM automatic equipment. In the actual application process, the premachine can play a role in many aspects, the heating mode of the equipment also has a variety of choices, users can choose according to the different requirements.


In order to make the untreated fabric soft, it is mainly to make the untreated fabric soft, and through the adjustment of the skew of the silk yarn, the shrinkage of the cloth is caused by the sewing and blanching in the process of reducing the size of the raw cloth. At the same time, it is also to prevent the size change or variant of the clothes made, so that you can avoid the problem of stretching and shrinking of the cloth in the preparation of the clothes.


After shrinkage processing, the fabric has a stable fabric size, excellent hand feeling, and it is not easy to shrink through scalding again. This treatment makes the quality of the product best, and the addition is worth increasing. After making the finished garments, the overall grade will also be improved.


The heating mode of the pre shrinking machine can be more than one, but there are three kinds of steam heating, oil heating and electric heating. In comparison, the heating mode of steam heating is fast, and the cooling is fast. So this heating mode is adopted in most of the pre shrinking machines.


For rubber blanket pre shrinking machine, if the rubber blanket is damaged, it can be repaired and reused in a certain way. But before repairing, the temperature knob needs to be adjusted to the required value, and the temperature is generally adjusted to 130 degrees; the repair area is adjusted to 140 degrees in the 3~5 centimeter; but the maximum temperature should not exceed 140 degrees, and the power is preheated.


Then the position of the rubber blanket to be repaired is rotated to the center point above the pull roll, and the crack is grinded into a circular soliton. The sharp angle must be worn out in order to prevent the crack from extending again. Cut the raw rubber into a slender treaty 3 millimeter wide, the length is similar to the length of the crack. Use the non embroidered steel roll with diameter 6 to carefully cushion it, remove all the bubbles, fill the rubber blanket on the rubber blanket surface 3mm, and then sprinkle a little talc powder on the repair surface with high temperature paper.


Finally, put the rubber blanket patch on the repair surface and use the 6 point tube to lift the heavy weight with the principle of the lever and plug the power supply. When the heating is completed, remove the power supply and carefully remove the rubber blanket repair device. When the rubber blanket is cooled, the rubber blanket can be restored to normal again.http://www.haida-textile.com/