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Functional characteristics of the shrinking machine and its automatic control

Jan 18, 2019

Under the premise of introducing advanced technology and actively promoting the production process of the shrinking machine, the product quality of the shrinking machine has been upgraded. The shrinking machine has a strong pre-shrinking ability, and the integral thickened wall panel has good rigidity. The electric compression of the shrinking machine is low in labor intensity and simple in operation.


The new water pressure device configured in the shrinking machine reduces the problem of bearing water inflow and facilitates the maintenance of operation. The automatic temperature control device can automatically detect and control the temperature of the bearing surface through the wireless transmission system. At the same time, you can also choose the automatic control device with the shrinkage rate, and automatically track and adjust the real-time monitoring through the online setting of the pre-shrinkage rate to ensure the constant pre-shrinkage rate.


The pre-shrinking rate automatic control mode of the shrinking machine realizes the pre-shrinking rate of the shrinking machine from manual fuzzy control to accurate automatic control, which reduces the influence of human factors, improves the precision of detection and control of the pre-shrinkage rate of the fabric, and enhances the product. The pass rate reduces the labor intensity. In turn, the energy loss and production cost are reduced, and the competitiveness of the shrinking machine is improved.


In addition, the shrinking machine can also be selected with a fully automatic grinding rubber blanket and a dust removal device, and the effect of automatic detection, grinding and dust removal can be realized by setting the amount of grinding work online.www.haida-textile.com