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Heat recovery device of Stenter machine

May 09, 2020

The stenter heats air in the chamber by heat resource,such as thermal-oil, steam,gas,electricity.

The hot air is pumped through by a circulating fan,trough the upper and lower nozzles to blow onto the fabric surface,the cool air is heated again.

The exhaust gas in the chamber is discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust fan and the exhaust duct. to keep the balance of air pressure in chamber through full fill some fresh air from the gap of both ends. there is two disadvantege of previous design, one is the exhaust air still keep high temperature which waste enegy;another is polluting environment due to exhaust air mixed oil,steam,dust,particle. A solution of save energy is that using heat recovery device.

Heat recovery device can help to save energy and purify exhaust gas. Heat recovery device heat fresh air through heat exchanger to transfer the high temperature energy of exhaust air in order to reduce the usage amount of heat resource such as gas, steam,thermal-oil etc. meanwhile reduce the temperature of exhaust air to atmosphere to achieve purpose of eco-friendly. 

Heat recovery device use energy of recycle heat air, to achieve energy-saving,cost-down and eco-friendly.