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High efficiency stenter production is busy

Mar 31, 2018

When it comes to the finishing of fabrics, we need to use stenter equipment. Through the treatment of the equipment, the fabric can be used as a function, and the passing rate of the finished product can also be improved. In short, an important step in the finishing of stereotyped finishing equipment for stenters.


As we all know, no matter which type of fabric is used, it is subject to external forces and chemicals in the processing of various processes such as floatation, dyeing and printing. As well as changes in the shape and size of the weft, etc., there is also the problem of aurora, rough hand, etc. The trimming and stereotypes finishing can effectively eliminate the defects produced by the fabric processing and meet the user's requirements for textiles. Therefore, it can be said that the overall performance and technical level of the tenter setting machine directly affect the functionality and quality of the fabric.


At the same time, with the continuous improvement and upgrading of current production technology, the use of stenter equipment has become more and more powerful. In this way, in the process of tentering and setting treatment, the treatment effect can be further improved, and significant energy-saving effect is also achieved.


Because of this, stenter equipment is increasingly welcomed by users. The market and customer demand are also growing. It should be noted that the stenter has become a booster for customers to upgrade the quality of their products. The number of products that require stenting is increasing day by day. There are many categories, all varieties, and batch quantities. The finishing of the setting machine greatly meets the requirements of customers, and the improvement of the product quality also adds more power to the workshop production.


Nowadays, many users are able to operate in accordance with the specifications during the process of using the stenter equipment, so as to increase the production efficiency. The staff also actively and enthusiastically struggles in their own work positions. Gray cloths processed by tenter setting machines in production workshops have been increasing.http://www.haida-textile.com/