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Hot air stenter machine important features

May 23, 2018

For the hot air stenter machine , the oven is an important part. Therefore, in order to further improve the performance of the whole machine, when designing and manufacturing the oven part of the hot air tenter setting machine, a large oven internal space is specially designed to facilitate cleaning, and the hot air circulating motor is staggered around the oven and used. High-efficiency heat exchangers increase the drying capacity by 30% to 50%.


Therefore, during the operation of the hot air stenter machine  machine, the left, middle, and right temperature deviations (2° C.) can be significantly reduced, and uniform heat treatment and drying can be performed. The overfeeding system of this equipment adopts the numerical control method. The cloth edge tracking is a rack and pinion type, and the guide rail is made of solid cast iron. The exhaust method adopted is a separate exhaust method. When cooling, air-cooled and water-cooled methods are mainly used.


The main advantages of hot air stenter machine :

1, excellent insulation effect

The thickness of the insulation board is 120mm, the use of high-efficiency insulation materials, galvanized sheet, special treatment to ensure excellent insulation effect;

2, simple cleaning and maintenance:

The hot air motor is arranged in a staggered arrangement around the oven, which makes the oven large and easy to maintain and maintain;

3. Uniform wind speed and temperature distribution in the hot air tenter setting oven:

By increasing the air volume and the circulation frequency, the wind speed and temperature are evenly distributed.

4, nozzle shape and characteristics:

The structure allows the operator to easily adjust the air volume and the wind speed, and evenly improve the hot air contact, so that the hot air stenter machine  is suitable for processing a variety of fabrics, such as light fabrics, heavy fabrics, sensitive fabrics and knitted fabrics.


In addition, the user can configure the corresponding roll-to-roll device to meet his own needs when purchasing the hot air stenter machine . The maximum volume is up to 2 meters. In addition, in order to enhance the cooling effect of the hot air stenter machine , the air cooling device uses the same structure as the oven with the motor and the air nozzle.http://www.haida-textile.com/