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Hot air tenter setting machine into the cloth assembly device and driving safety requirements

The cloth-integrating device is one of the important components of the hot air tenter setting machine. The so-called cloth-integrating device is mainly composed of a feeding frame, a widening centering device, a rolling mill, a speed synchronization device, and an optoelectronic weft insertion device (optional). ) and composed.


The main function of the hot air tenter setting machine into the cloth assembly device is that during the processing, the fabric is expanded and centered under low tension, and the fabric is dehydrated, added to the finishing process, and the rolling and photoelectric finishing device is used. The inter-cloth tension is precisely controlled by the speed synchronizing device. The photoelectric weft-aligning device effectively corrects the deformation and weft arc and weft of the fabric in the previous process, so as to meet the various technological requirements required for the cloth to be placed on the cloth.


In actual work, the staff needs to check the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and safety protection devices of the machine before the hot air tenter setting machine is started and confirm whether it is in good condition. Then set the temperature according to the process requirements, and then open the circulation fan. In the heating stage, the host speed is 15m/min, and the set temperature can be reached.http://www.haida-textile.com/