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How does the stenter setting machine recover and utilize waste heat?

Sep 17, 2020

After adopting heat pipe heat recovery, the clean hot air can be preheated to about 100, and it can be sent to the drying room or sent to the drying room to form an air curtain, which improves the drying efficiency and enables users to increase the vehicle speed on the original basis and reduce water vapor Occurs, reducing the color difference of the finished product. The recovery of the heat setting machine is gas-gas recovery. The discharged hot air is used to heat the fresh air and then return to the heat setting machine. If the heat setting machine directly burns gas or light diesel oil, part of the preheated air can also be used as combustion air to improve the combustion engine effectiveness. If the temperature of the waste heat is higher after heat recovery, you can also recover the heat twice to heat fresh air or water. After the exhaust gas discharged by the shaping machine is recovered by the waste heat, energy is saved, the economic benefits are significant, and the social environmental benefits are obvious.