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How does the wet heat shrinking machine work?

Feb 21, 2019

The purpose of pre-shrinking of the damp heat shrinking machine is to obtain a stable fabric size, generally requiring a shrinkage effect to achieve a warp and weft shrinkage rate of less than 3%; in addition to obtaining a stable outer shape; it can also improve the feel and feel of the fabric. To achieve a certain weight and stiffness requirements for the fabric.


The damp heat shrinking machine mainly pre-shrinks the fabric of cellulose fiber such as cotton, hemp, silk and viscose. The fabric has large hygroscopicity, and the fiber is easy to swell to shorten the fiber length, thereby affecting the fabric and the fabric thereof. The dimensional stability of the blended fabric.


The basic process of the damp heat shrinking machine is wet-extrusion-drying. According to the different materials, it can be divided into two representative devices, the rubber blanket shrinking machine and the blanket shrinking machine. Their working principles are all The principle of "bending deformation extrusion" is adopted.


The working principle of the rubber blanket shrinking machine is: the fully wetted fabric is covered by the rubber blanket between the cloth feeding roller and the heating pressure roller, and enters the surface of the heating pressure roller of the shrinking machine, and the rubber blanket is given to the cloth roller. And the heated pressure roller is bent, and the outer layer is stretched and deformed by the inner layer. The elastic elastic deformation fabric of the rubber blanket is tightly pressed and wrapped between the rubber blanket and the heating pressure roller, and squeezed on one side. Pressing and shrinking, while drying, achieve the purpose of warp contraction.www.haida-textile.com