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How to adjust the shrinking machine to meet various process needs

Mar 15, 2020

1. The secondary feeding and weft adjusting device is used to feed the cloth, which can make the moisture content of the cloth more uniform, ensure the uniform shrinkage rate and adjust, and eliminate the weft oblique defects on the original cloth surface; the overfeed device can be fine-tuned separately Large adjustment of fabric pre-shrinking force to meet various process requirements.

2. The pressure roller, pressure roller, tension roller, etc. are made of alloy materials with good rigidity and invariant shape. Reasonable design and processing technology ensure the machine has maximum shrinkage and stability.

3. Infra-red photoelectric control is used to correct the deviation of the blanket, which is stable and reliable.

4. The electric control part adopts imported inverter, programmable and high resolution encoder. Simple and intuitive touch screen operation provides a good human-machine interface. The speed and pre-shrinkage rate can be directly set and displayed to ensure that the shrinkage rate of the fabric is stable and consistent.