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How to improve the stability of the pre - shrinking machine performance

Aug 31, 2017

It is understood that most of the current fabric pre-shrinking process is carried out and completed in the pre-shrinking machine, so the performance of the pre-shrinking machine can be measured by checking the fabric shrinkage rate is up to the standard and the stability of the pre-shrinking judgment. Only with excellent pre-shrinking effect and stable shrinkage of the pre-shrinking machine, is qualified.

As the fabric varieties are more, the technical level of the operator is also different, these factors are likely to cause pre-shrinking efficiency is not satisfactory, so in order to better use and reduce the scrap rate, it is necessary to improve the pre-shrinking machine Of the retraction capacity and to ensure the stability of the shrinkage rate. To achieve this goal, you can increase in the pre-shrinking several monitoring technology.


In other words, through the pre-shrinking machine in the process of important process parameters on-line monitoring, to ensure the stability of the process, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the stability of fabric shrinkage. One of them is the temperature of the preheater to the wet tube on-line monitoring, with platinum thermal resistance test steaming to the internal temperature of the drying cylinder, when the temperature reaches the set temperature, PLC control to the outer chamber of the steam pipe The solenoid valve on the road can be opened to ensure that the wet steam into the outer chamber after the baking surface can be completely vaporized, so that the fabric evenly wet, and will not produce water.

At the same time, the humidity of the working object of the pre-shrinking machine is monitored on-line, which completely solves the problem of wet unevenness, and the humidity value of the pre-shrinking fabric is detected online by the humidity sensor. When the detected value is set Value of the inconsistency, the humidity controller to send a signal to the PLC, control spray plate uniform low water supply system in the pump speed to control the spray volume of the spray plate, so as to ensure that the pre-shrinking fabric humidity constant.

As the tension of the fabric and the shrinkage rate is closely linked, so also on this side of the online monitoring, through a reasonable way to monitor the tension to ensure a constant. In addition, the pre-shrinkage of the pre-shrinking rate and the temperature of the drying tube on-line monitoring, so that the shrinkage rate and temperature consistent with the set value, so as to ensure the stability of the shrinkage value, Reliability of the machine.