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How to reduce the number of shrinking machines

May 31, 2019

Large-scale clothing machinery, such as textile shrinkage setting machine, fabric shrinking machine and other textile equipment, timing fixed-point inspection equipment has this necessary, as long as the equipment is inspected regularly, can understand the use of the equipment, and accordingly maintain.


The person who often controls the equipment is also a professional maintenance person, because they understand how the equipment works, so they have more experience in how to maintain the equipment. Professional personnel do professional things, especially for the daily maintenance of the machine. Doing this thing is the guarantee for the enterprise and can reduce a lot of trouble for the production of the enterprise. As long as the maintenance work of the pre-shrinking machine is done, the maintenance of the machine can be avoided and the number of maintenance of the equipment can be reduced.


The shrinking machine is a machine that often deals with the production of raw materials for garments. It is necessary to do daily maintenance and repair work, on the one hand, it can extend the service life of the equipment, on the other hand, it can guarantee the continuous and effective production activities of the enterprise. Don't neglect the work of ordinary maintenance. As long as we understand and pay attention to this aspect, we can bring great protection to the enterprise.


Before using the shrinking machine, you should check the safety hazards at the operation site, pay attention to check whether the data of the shrinking machine is faulty, check whether the vapor pressure and voltage are normal and stable. Secondly, open the instrument table of the fine-tuning motor component correctly, and adjust the axis platform. Once again, open the drive shaft motor and steam box and check that the voltage and air pressure are normal and stable. Then check whether the meter data of the drying room and the condensation room are correct and stable.


Gently place the cloth roll on the conveyor belt, set the corresponding winding length and width, select the corresponding winding station, adjust the rubber roller and pressure roller, and then input the cloth roll into the steam chamber, drying chamber, and condensation chamber. . Use the shrinking machine to operate according to the prescribed process. After checking the data, there is no problem, you can start up and use it.www.haida-textile.com