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Improve the performance of the stenter

Jan 08, 2018

The use of stenter can obviously improve the appearance quality and inner quality of the fabric.For example, after finalizing, it can reduce the shrinkage of fabric dyeing, improve the uniformity of dyeing and reduce the breakage of yarn.After the processing of the drawing machine, it can also eliminate the fabric static, improve the yarn withdrawal effect, and improve the feel of the fabric, making it softer.

In addition, it can improve the dyeing quality of the fabric and improve the quality of the fabric.Thus it can be seen that the stenter plays a very important role in the process of fabric production.As a user, if you want to improve the quality of production, you must master the skills skillfully, and pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance skills.

In general, the most basic and effective measure to ensure the effective operation of the fabric expanding system of stenter is to maintain whole the fabric expanding device every day during the interval of the operation.If you want to reduce the crease pattern of the fabric, you need to turn on the cooling air and cooling water circulation system in time to reduce the temperature of the finished product to reduce the crease.

In the operation of stenter, the electrostatic elimination system needs to be turned on in time to promote the stable swing and packaging of the polyester machine fabrics finished products.In the production clearance, we need to replace the damaged needle plate in time to reduce the edge leakage.Also pay attention to adjusting the control handle of the direction of the hot air cycle in time to suit different fabrics.

In the processing of the stenter, if it is found that the edge of the fabric is tearing or finalize the design after the fabric surface is not smooth, the phenomenon such as stability of width is not enough, should be carefully check the stenter inside the chamber enlargement of equipment are in good condition.