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Improvement and function of stenter

Dec 12, 2018

In practical applications, the tenter setting machine needs further improvement to effectively improve its production efficiency. Including the improvement of the insulation effect, for example, when the temperature is low in winter, the temperature drop is obvious, and an external heating device needs to be added, so that the problem of excessive temperature drop in winter can be effectively prevented, and the insulation can be ensured to ensure the setting effect.


At the same time, the temperature control accuracy of the stenter needs to be further improved. For example, the heating method can be changed to controllable electronic silicon. Because of the past solid-state relay control, the temperature difference is large, the temperature difference exceeds 30 °C, and the three-phase closed-loop thyristor regulator is adopted. The main circuit is safer and more reliable, and the overall grid and temperature control accuracy are greatly improved. Can be controlled in the range of 10 °C.


In general, the stenter equipment plays an extremely important role in the current industrial production and shaping operations, and is also one of the important equipments to improve product quality and performance. Therefore, the research on the setting machine is becoming more and more popular. In addition, combined with the research and performance improvement of the tenter setting machine, it will be able to improve its working efficiency and promote further technical improvement of the setting machine.www.haida-textile.com