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Internal and external cleaning and speed adjustment of the shrinking machine

May 28, 2019

During the shrinking process of the shrinking machine, the metal material should be avoided, otherwise the surface of the rubber blanket will be damaged; the rubber blanket should be cleaned inside and outside, the foreign matter on the blanket surface should be removed, and the cleaning agent should be sprinkled inside and outside the rubber blanket. The brush is cleaned, brushed inside and outside several times, and the inside and outside of the blanket are cleaned to ensure a stable shrinkage rate.


When using the shrinking machine for a long time, it is necessary to grind the rubber blanket to ensure the stability of the shrinkage. Touch the hot tube with your hand. Once you are hot, analyze the rubber blanket and it will not be cooled. Wait until it is completely cooled before you can turn it off. Although the pre-shrinking machine is expensive, it is of great benefit to build a stable clothing brand, increase the value of the product, and build customer confidence in the clothing brand. In addition, the use of shrinking opportunities reduces production costs and increases the added value of the product, making it an indispensable shrinking device.


The shrinking machine is equipped with a stepless frequency converter to adjust the speed of the pot wheel, and the laying speed is freely adjusted. Under suitable wet and hot conditions, the fabric is expanded and contracted by the elastic blanket to increase the weft density and warp weaving to a certain extent, so as to have a slack structure. When the fiber is mixed and swelled, the warp length is no longer caused. Shortened, received the effect of significantly reducing the shrinkage of the finished product.