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Introduction of hot air stenter setting machine

Sep 10, 2020

Before driving, check whether the mechanical, electrical, instrument and safety protection devices are in good condition. Set the temperature according to the process requirements, and then turn on the circulating fan. 2. The safety shields at the cloth entrance and exit of the machine should be intact to prevent the needle cloth clips from hanging on the sleeves and at the same time prevent the chain from breaking and flying out and hurting people. 3. The emergency stop switch of the rolling rope pull and the safety of the cloth feeding are reliable and useful. The cloth must be stopped when the cloth is worn, and the upper roller must be lifted by pressing and not neglecting. 4. The grey cloth must be sewn, and knots are not allowed. 5. Before shutting down, the temperature should be reported to the heat transfer oil furnace room. Then stop the circulation fan and open the door to cool down. 6. Check the heat transfer oil pipeline in the oven regularly.