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Introduction of various energy-saving process methods for stenter

Nov 20, 2018

Different energy-saving process methods can reduce the moisture entering the tenter styling fabric, reduce the energy cost of drying, and achieve energy saving by applying low rolling ratio rolling, vacuum suction, spray to wet, foam finishing and other technologies.


The application of the new rolling mill can improve the rolling rolling pressure and roll hardness under the premise of ensuring the uniformity of the left, center and right of the stentering machine, and can reduce the moisture content of the fabric after rolling by 10% to 20%, achieving energy saving. At the same time, the vacuum pump suction machine absorbs free water, debris and chemical solution floating on the surface of the fabric, so that the chemical penetrates into the interior of the fabric, reduces chemical waste, reduces environmental pressure, and reduces the amount of liquid and reduces drying.


In addition, during the operation of the stenter, a uniform low-liquid supply device can be arranged, which helps to reduce the amount of liquid, improve the drying and setting effect, and save energy. It can also be installed in the position of the tenter setting machine to evenly wet the fabric, which can quickly make the fabric regain moisture and eliminate static electricity.http://www.haida-textile.com/