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Introduction to the cloth feeding operation of the stenter setting machine

Oct 26, 2020

In actual work, we must wear the guide cloth in accordance with the requirements and check the worn guide cloth to ensure that it is correct. Then we need to clean the stenter setting machine first, and pay special attention to checking the cloth feeder and the front of the machine for dirt, and clean it up in time. In addition, you also need to check the needle clamp for debris and clean it up. In addition, the on-site environment should be kept clean and hygienic. After the inspection work is completed, we need to classify the fabrics to be produced according to the process conditions, generally the same process fabrics are processed in a centralized manner. Then you should check the process card and verify that it is correct. According to the processing requirements of different fabrics, the feed tension of the stenter setting machine, the width of the weft detection and the width of the stenter should be adjusted appropriately.