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Knitting and weaving dual-use tenter setting machine technical features

Knitting and weaving stenter models are usually used for tentering and heat setting of polyester filament yarns and polyester low-elastic knitted fabrics, cotton or other blended fabrics with a basis weight of 70 to 400 g/m2. . In actual use, the tenter shaper has a nominal width of up to 3600 mm, a speed range of 15 to 100 meters per minute, and an overfeed rate of -10% to +30%, using high-precision infrared edge detection.


From the structural composition point of view, in the tenter setting machine, the guide rail is an oil-free lubricated steel rail guide, and the heat source of the drying room is hot oil, saturated steam, gas, electricity. The control system adopts AC frequency conversion technology, digital communication technology, process parameter touch screen setting and storage, PLC control inverter synchronous speed regulation, each active unit is synchronized accurately, and each process parameter realizes online detection and monitoring.


Not only that, the structure of the drying room in the tenter setting machine is reasonable in design, and has the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency. The drying room adopts modular design, quick installation and convenient maintenance. Moreover, the transmission system adopts AC frequency conversion sub-power supply speed control system, and the speed regulation range is wide, and the adaptation range is wide.