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Main control factors of shaping process

Mar 08, 2021

When the temperature fabric is heat-set by the stenter setting machine, the temperature control will determine the quality of its qualitative quality. It takes time to reach a certain temperature before shaping, which requires heating. Therefore, the setting time is another important process condition for the heat setting of the stenter setting machine. Under normal circumstances, the quality control of the heat setting process of the stenter setting machine mainly refers to the control of heating time, heat penetration time and molecular adjustment time, excluding cooling time. For fabrics with different factors such as performance, area, weight, fiber thermal conductivity and moisture content of the fabric, control the time required for heating and heat penetration when setting. Tension The tension on the surface of the fabric will change under certain conditions, which will affect the dimensional thermal stability, strength and elongation at break of the fabric. The three factors of temperature, time and tension are well controlled, and the quality of the process can be guaranteed when the stenter setting machine is used for the setting process.