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Main features of automatic shrink machine

Jun 19, 2017

1, the main electrical components are imported configuration:

2, the use of thermostatic alloy sealing knife, plating Teflon non-stick surface, will not break, sealing does not coking, do not smoke;

3, two-axis placement film, micro-induction film motor, easy to film, tension control of the slow-guard device, smooth smooth film delivery;

4, cutting knife equipped with safety micro-sensor device, effectively prevent the wrong cut products, to ensure the safety of operators;

5, Hot sealing cutter point delay set, due to product specifications and specifications to adjust the size of the plastic film before and after the elastic, with different packaging film shrinkage, up to the ideal shrinkage effect;

6, the use of high-power circulation motor, combined with the heat flow of the furnace wall, conduction hot air, so that the furnace to produce a uniform circulation of wind, the contraction effect of the ideal and greatly reduce heat loss;

7, contraction furnace conveyor chain using rod conveyor, coat has a black high-temperature silicone tube, smooth delivery and not hot film;

8, the use of German import conveyor belt, high strength, wear-resistant;

9, heating tube for stainless steel tube, normal service life of 5-10 years.