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Main Process Parameters and Control of Stenter

Aug 18, 2017

In the use of tenter setting machine for the process of stereotypes, in order to ensure the quality of stereotypes, of which five process parameters must be strictly controlled. The five parameters are: formula, roll pressure, drying, over feeding and width of the width. In fact, these five parameters will be stereotyping machine stereotypes have a certain impact on the quality, the following we together to analyze.

The first is the formula, in fact, refers to the use of tenter stereotypes when the machine should be prepared in advance of the required liquid. Because the content of different components in the liquid, will determine the shape of the fabric after the touch, slip, color and so on. Followed by the roll pressure, because the size of the roll pressure will directly determine the amount of material to be fed, so the color will have an important effect on the feel of the fabric surface.

The third is the drying temperature, because the use of tenter stereotypes when the need to set the appropriate drying temperature. And this factor will have a great impact on the quality of stereotypes. Especially in the resin finishing time, the set temperature conditions will directly affect the fabric size of the stability and surface smoothness. Therefore, when the soft finishing, the general requirements of drying can dry cloth can not be set too high, so as not to adversely affect the fabric.

The fourth parameter is over-fed, under normal circumstances, over-feeding for the fabric of the weft will have a greater impact, this will also affect the fabric shrinkage performance. Therefore, in ensuring the production tension of the tenter styling machine, it should also be properly controlled to avoid wrinkles or wefts.

The last parameter is the width of the width, because the fabric after the fabric width is mainly dependent on the set value of the parameter. So we need to be based on the actual situation to properly set the width of the stereotypes machine to ensure that the products processed to meet customer requirements.