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Main structural features of the stenter

Sep 27, 2018

The tentering machine combines modern information technology, biotechnology and automation technology. Coupled with online monitoring, intelligent management, flexible, modular structure design, maximize efficiency and reduce labor. Moreover, the modular small oven structure used in the stenter makes the volume smaller and achieves a uniform process temperature in 30 minutes.


The main structural features of the stenter:


1. The machine adopts the structure design of the building block type small circulation drying room, which not only reduces the volume, but also belongs to an independent temperature control unit.

2. The circulating fan is equipped with an axial flow fan, a wedge-shaped air duct, and a small round hole is evenly distributed.

3. During the use of the user, the air blowing pipe can be taken out from the side of the drying room to help clean and repair. Moreover, the filter can also be taken out from the outside of the oven for cleaning.

4. In the tenter setting machine, the tenter track adopts the cast iron flat track design, which makes the operation more stable, and the tenter chain adopts the off-chain chain.http://www.haida-textile.com/