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Maintenance measures of rubber blankets for pre - shrinking machine parts

Sep 12, 2017

The pre-shrinking unit of the pre-shrinking machine is mainly composed of the combination of the pressure stick, the pressure roller, the cooling device and the rubber blanket, among which the high quality rubber blanket can help to improve the pre-shrinking performance, so the rubber blanket Maintenance is particularly important.

pre-shrinking machine

In order to extend the service life of the rubber blanket in the pre-shrinking machine, we must first develop good using habits, such as reasonable control of the rubber blanket tension so that it can achieve the desired pre-shrinking effect, otherwise the tension will make the rubber blanket reduce the elasticity If the tension is too small, it will reduce the friction between the fabric and rubber blanket, and then affects the effect of pre-shrinking.

In adjusting the tension of the rubber blanket in the pre-shrinking machine, it should be in a fully relaxed state, and then we adjust the tension, turn several times, and adjust until the tension is constant.

Second, when the pre-shrinking machine is used for some time, rubber blanket grinding is needed.. After the daily use of the pre-shrinking machine, besides the machine operation check, we also need to check the rubber blanket and timely remove the scale on the stick.

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