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Maintenance of rubber blanket for fabric shrinking machine’s preshrunk unit parts

Jan 20, 2018

In today's textile processing industry, the role of fabric shrinking machine is becoming more and more prominent, because it is suitable for preshrinking of various textile fabrics.The preshrunk unit parts of the whole fabric shrinking machine can play a key role, which is mainly composed of pressure rod, pressure roller, cooling device and rubber blanket.

Looking at the various parts of the preshrunk unit parts, the high quality rubber blanket can improve the shrinkage performance, so it is very important to maintain the rubber blanket.So how can we reasonably and effectively maintain the rubber blanket of fabric shrinking machine in real production activities?

Due to the bad habit of use, it will affect the life of the rubber blanket in the fabric shrinking machine. For example, the rubber blanket can reduce the elasticity due to the long endurance of the rubber blanket.But the tension is too small, it will reduce the friction between the fabric and the rubber blanket, and affect the preshrunk effect, so the reasonable adjustment tension can achieve the ideal preshrunk effect.

In addition, the fabric shrinking machine needs to be polished on the rubber blanket for a period of time. In order to be able to protect itself and obtain the ideal shrinking state, it is necessary to recalibrate the tension.In addition, the rubber blanket is completely relaxed, and then adjust the tension, which needs to be rotated several times and then adjusted until the tension is constant.

Fabric shrinking machine after using several months, could be found that the rubber blanket stripes or crack, this is largely outside the cold water sprayed directly on the external surface of the rubber blanket, and uneven distribution.In order to avoid this kind of phenomenon, we should spray on the inside surface of the rubber blanket evenly, keep the water pipe jet hole unblocked.

A day after using the fabric shrinking machine machine, in addition to monitor the operation of the machine, you also need to check the rubber blanket if there is any damage, clear the scale, on the pressure on the stick with a neutral detergent washing rubber blanket, to keep the best working condition.http://www.haida-textile.com/