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Mechanical structure of the tenter system for the stenter

Dec 27, 2018

In the processing of textile and weaving, the treatment of the transverse tentering of the fabric by the stenter not only allows the fabric to reach the required size, but also improves the distribution structure of the fiber web and increases the distribution of the fibers in the longitudinal direction. This is extremely advantageous for improving the tensile strength and dimensional stability of the fabric.


It should be noted that in the process of operating the stenter, if the elongation is too large, it will cause new high elastic deformation, which will affect the dimensional stability of the final product. Therefore, the most critical part of the tenter control process is the adjustment of the fabric width. The tenter portion of the setting machine is the portion of the fabric that is subjected to tenter processing under the action of hot air and lateral tension at a predetermined temperature.


It can be seen that during the operation of the stenter, the focus of the tenter control is to achieve good control of the tension generated during the tentering process. If the tension is too large, the fabric will be overdrawn and the strength of the fabric will decrease. On the contrary, if the tension is too small, the internal stress will not be eliminated and the fabric size will not meet the requirements.www.haida-textile.com