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Oil-free series stenter setting machine performance

Mar 06, 2018

With the application and promotion of stenter equipment, people are demanding more and more about the performance of the equipment. The current new series of non-oil lubrication stenter, to adapt to any fabric tenter or tenter stereotypes. The device is more practical in practical applications and can be used in all fields of textile such as wool spinning, cotton spinning, knitting, chemical fiber, clothing fabrics, industrial textiles and even military specialty fabrics.


The reason why such a superior performance, mainly because in the design and manufacture of this series of non-oil lubrication stenter, a good blend of advanced technology at home and abroad, and the use of online monitoring, intelligent management, flexibility The modular design of the structure, so that equipment to maximize the efficiency and reduce labor.


Oil-free series stenter Detailed:


As a whole, many aspects of this stenter machine have been optimized and upgraded. The first is a small building block drying room with a smaller volume, usually within thirty minutes to reach a uniform process temperature.


Secondly, in practice, the heating systems per box of this stenter machine are individually and precisely adjusted. At the same time, there is neither maintenance point nor lubrication point inside the oven, and the operation and maintenance are more convenient.


Furthermore, this stenter machine has the obvious energy saving advantage. This is because of its versatile heating method and efficient built-in heat recovery system. In addition, the built-in exhaust system and shortened exhaust duct have also been improved to reduce the displacement by 5% to 10%. And tenter stereotypes of the track and lining with special treatment, can withstand strong pull, pollution-free, lubrication-free.http://www.haida-textile.com