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Oil-Free track stenter

Apr 28, 2020

Previously, existing tenter setting machine works, it is necessary to clamp the two sides of the cloth on the cloth clip, the cloth clip rotates along the track, and the track is generally frame-shaped
For the track, a pulley is installed at the lower part of the cloth clip, and the pulley slides on the frame-shaped rail to realize the overall rotation of the cloth clip. This way exists
mechanical wear. In addition, frequent oiling is required between the pulley and the track, which makes it easy to leave oil stains on the fabric. To this end, Haida has innovated
a cloth-feeding track of a stentering machine, which does not need oiling, lubricates the track through graphite, and does not pollute the fabric with oil stains. Its structure package
Including frame-shaped rails and cloth clips, a fixed shaft is fixed on the cloth clips, a pulley is installed on the fixed shaft and one end of the splint is hinged, and the other end of the splint is hinged
on the adjacent fixed shaft of the cloth clip, the upper two sides of the pulley are placed at the lower part of the frame edge of the upper part of the frame-shaped track, and the frame-shaped track is fixed on the track
on the bracket, two sides of the cloth clip are respectively fixed with an upper slider and a lower slider, and an upper graphite strip and a lower graphite strip are respectively fixed on the rail bracket,
The upper slider contacts the upper graphite strip, and the lower slider contacts the lower graphite strip. Because the cloth clip slides on the graphite strip, it eliminates the need to oil the track
the fabric will not be contaminated with oil.