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On-line detection and monitoring of pre-shrinking process parameters.

Apr 19, 2018

With the development of the textile market, the textile fabric preshrinking finishing demand is higher and higher, because of the fabric in weaving and dyeing and finishing process of gathering the larger internal stress, so if no after preshrinking finishing, clothing made of after washing will produce a certain amount of shrinkage and deformation.

The pre-shrinking machine is to adopt mechanical physical method to make the fabric shrink back, so as to restore the balance and bending state of the yarn, so that it has good dimensional stability, full hand feeling and low shrinkage. But the fabric preshrinking consolidation is under certain technological conditions, thus realize the process parameters on-line detection and monitoring, establish the fabric shrinkage and relative humidity, temperature, quantity, ensure the stability of speed and stability of the tension, only the stable process conditions strictly control, to guarantee the stability of shrinkage, the product quality is stable.

Traditional preshrinking machine after many years of continuous improvement and improve, mechanical structure, performance, and the PLC frequency conversion control can basically meet the requirements of the use of printing and dyeing processing, but also in the structure of the machine in the process of transforming mechanical constant, establish the humidity, temperature, shrinkage and other process parameters to realize the online detection and monitoring.

The detection system of preshrinking machine fabric moisture sensors measured to humidity signal feedback to the PLC programmable, according to the technological requirements, through the adjustment of relative humidity, intuitive control fabric moisture rate, moisture range for 3 ~ 20%. At the same time, the equipment can be fed to PLC by means of the speed signal monitored by the cloth roller encoder, and the preshrinkage rate of programmable detection can be realized, generally 3 ~ 15%.

According to the technological requirements, preshrinking machine can pass temperature detecting system, the PLC programming, control of actuator set temperature control instrument, monitoring of the rubber blanket pressure on the roller surface temperature, the temperature constant. In addition, the linear velocity of each unit in the system is constant, and the relationship between the steady-state precision and the dynamic precision is constant, and the tension of the fabric is constant.

Proved that the modified after preshrinking machine in the system of high precision and fabric tension constant, on-line detection and monitoring of process parameters, also with the craft with good reproducibility, shrinkage is stable, energy saving, safety protection, etc.http://www.haida-textile.com/